How the Panthers beat the Comets

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How the Panthers beat the Comets

Dribbling the ball between his legs, Derrian Ford looks for an opening.

Dribbling the ball between his legs, Derrian Ford looks for an opening.

Dribbling the ball between his legs, Derrian Ford looks for an opening.

Dribbling the ball between his legs, Derrian Ford looks for an opening.

Keyvonnie Nelson, Journalist

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It was the greatest day to be a Panther!

All pictures were taken by Keyvonnie Nelson, MHS senior.

Going for two clean free throws is Colby Garland.


With his excellent ball control, Kadyn Roach prepares to weave through the opponents.


Leaping up is Colby Garland while Braelyn Beasley stays grounded to catch a possible rebound.


Confidently going for a layup is Kadyn Roach.


Shying away from a Mills player, Kadyn Roach keeps control of the ball.


Mar’Keyveon Strickland leaps high to get a three-point shot.


Despite a full-body block and long arms from the player defending him, Braelyn Beasley still goes for two.


With a snarl, Mar’Keyveon Strickland wrestles the ball back.


Gravity means nothing to Mar’Keyveon Strickland when he goes for two points.


Using his arm to deter sticky hands, Derrian Ford skirts around the player blocking him.


Ignoring the hand in front of him, Kadyn Roach looks for a teammate to pass the ball to.


Derrian Ford gets ready to weave through the defense.


Backing up, Kadyn Roach forms a plan to get to the goal.


The hyped up crowd and cheerleaders perform “YMCA.”


Getting low, Braelyn Beasley passes by a Mills player.


Drenched in sweat, Kadyn Roach doggedly goes to score.


Shaking up the player blocking him, Colby Garland goes to pass the ball.

“This was a tough game versus a good team,” Colby Garland admitted. He added, “We focused hard on what we had to, and we played hard.”


Leaping over a Mills player, Colby Garland shoots a two-point basket.


Derrian Ford shoves his way through the defense.


Jumping up and turning backwards for a shot is Derrian Ford.


Searching for a teammate, Braelyn Beasley keeps his calm.


With the lightest of fingertips, Derrian Ford drops the ball in the basket.


Dribbling the ball, Braelyn Beasley considers his options.


Confident in himself, Derrian Ford brings up the ball.


The crowd goes wild after Magnolia scores.


Always a leader, Kadyn Roach tells a teammate where he needs to be.


Powerless to stop Derrian Ford as he goes to score, a Mills player falls backwards.


“It was a good feeling at halftime,” senior player Korey Fulton said, adding, “We all knew that MIlls was going to come out and give us their all after the half, but we were still confident that our team would come out with the win.”


Jumping high, Braelyn Beasley passes the ball.


With the crowd and his teammates behind him, Kadyn Roach looks to score.


Even with two players blocking him, Colby Garland brings the ball up to shoot.


Braelyn Beasley forces a Mills player back.


Going for two points is Braelyn Beasley.


Mar’Keyveon Strickland pulls up to shoot a three-point shot.


Ignoring the player standing right beneath the goal, Derrian Ford makes a two-point basket.


Swerving from the defense, Braelyn Beasley lobs the ball to a teammate.


Disregarding the man below his knees, Braelyn Beasley brings up the ball to score.


Hungry, Cade Lindsey bites into a pickle while enjoying the game.


Kadyn Roach, Colby Garland, and Mar’Keyveon Strickland discuss strategies while their teammate shoots a foul.


Derrian Ford gets low against a 6’8″ opponent.



The crowd goes crazy after Magnolia scores three.


With a smile and a wave, Jurnee Lowe greets the home crowd.


Snaking through, Derrian Ford gets through the Mills defense.


Slinging the ball to a teammate, Kadyn Roach throws the opposing defense off his trail.


After rebounding the ball, Kyle Carver goes up to score.


Ignoring the Mills player trying to swipe the ball, Colby Garland aims for two.


Seeing no way in, Colby Garland looks to pass the ball back out.


Racing down the court is Kadyn Roach.


Drenched in sweat, Kadyn Roach prepares to leap for two.


Bringing up two points for Magnolia is Kadyn Roach.


Refusing to let the opponent steal the ball, Colby Garland keeps a tight hold on it.


“It really was a dream come true,” Mar’Keyveon Strickland said. He added, “Being in that game was one of the biggest moments of my life, and I can only thank the man up above for the opportunity.”


Derrian Ford springs down the court at breakneck speed while Kyle Carver follows.


“It feels so good to be on this team, working together to win,” said Johnny Washington, adding, “we’ve all done so much to improve ourselves.”


Intensity showing, Kyle Carver celebrates after a score.


Powering through a block, Derrian Ford goes to score two points.


Attempting to block a three-point shot, Braelyn Beasley jumps in the air.


Winning the 4A State Championship, Mar’Keyveon Strickland throws the ball in the air while Kyle Carver races down the court.


Coach Dyun Long and Athletic Director Marvin Lindsey fist pump to the crowd.


The team goes wild on the court while the crowd goes wild in the stands.


Superintendent John Ward accepts the championship trophy.


The team celebrates with one another, shouting, clapping and hugging.


Brimming with emotion, Korey Fulton, Kadyn Roach, and Braelyn Beasley share one more hug.


The 2019 4A State Basketball Champions take their best shot.


After being named MVP, Derrian Ford graciously accepts the plaque with Coach Long.


Still dripping with sweat, Kyle Carver, Mar’Keyveon Strickland, and Korey Fulton bask in the atmosphere.


“It was so unreal!” said Claudia Franks, adding, “The atmosphere was amazing and all of the job and happiness we as a community got to experience when the last buzzer sounded was insane; I couldn’t have asked for a better last game to cheer at.”


Derrian Ford answers questions from AETN Sports and Fox News 16.



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