What’s for dinner? Turkey?

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Turkey has been the food of choice on Thanksgiving all the way back to colonial times, but not everyone eats dressing and sweet potatoes. When questioned a few students said they cook steaks or seafood on on Turkey Day.

Others said they eat a traditional meal even though they would prefer not to. Stephanie Criner said she would prefer to eat a non-traditional meal because she’s not a fan of taking two days to cook food that she doesn’t like, but added, “I don’t have a choice!”

However, there are a lot of turkey fans out there. Joseph Jones said, “It’s not Thanksgiving without turkey.” Brantley Cox added, “I prefer traditional food because it’s the one time in the year where you eat that kind of stuff.” Baley Pace added that she likes “seasonal dishes” because “we only get to eatr them around this time of year, so, of course, we would eat them.”

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