MHS takes state civics exam

Gavin Creech, Journalist

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A new civics test has been implemented into the Arkansas school systems that requires students to pass it to get their diploma, according to Mr. Lawrence, social studies department head. The civics test has made students nervous and rightfully so. This test decides whether someone graduates high school. Even with all A‘s, students can’t earn a diploma without passing. Mr. Lawrence explained the new test is very similar to the test immigrants have to take to be considered for citizenship in the United States.

Many students feared the test would be difficult if not impossible. But, to the pleasant surprise of most, the test was manageable. Most said they passed. After taking the new test, two MHS students, Katerrious Harris and Mason Cotton, volunteered that they made high A’s. Harris said, “I realized that the test was easy as soon I saw the questions.” Cotton added, “I blew through the questions really fast, and it was extremely easy.” Other students volunteered that they passed but weren’t satisfied with their score. Garrett Cheatham said, “I feel like I should have done better.”

All students questioned said they felt prepared by their teachers. In Mr. Fowler’s social studies class, for example, the students played Quizlet live, Jeopardy, and Kahoot to quiz themselves.

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