Construction limits parking

Grace Gore, Journalist

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With all the construction happening on campus, parking spots are limited, and students are mixed on how much of an inconvenience this is. Construction of the new 9th-grade building has eliminated the entire parking lot in front of the football stadium, which has also made parking at home football games difficult.

Both teachers and students have lost parking spots, and some are struggling to find a spot in the morning. Some students say they have to get to the school earlier in the morning just to secure a spot. Senior Peyton Carter said, “If I don’t get to the school at 7:30, I have to fight for a parking spot.” Junior Adam Pieratt said,  “I’ll even get here really early sometimes, and it’s still hard to find a spot.”

Students who arrive later are facing challenges. Senior Ashlyn Garrett added, “It’s hard parallel parking on the side of the street because the parking is crazy.” Although some students find parking in the mornings difficult, others disagree. Senior Olivia Reeves and Junior Lauren Chambliss said they find it easy to park in the morning. However, these opinions might change later in the year when sophomores start getting their licenses and taking up more parking spots.

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