How should you spend Spring Break?

Kalijah Smith, Journalist

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Ahhhhh!  It’s almost Spring Break, and you probably have big plans to relax, refresh, and take a break from the busy school year. These students do. If you don’t have any plans, take some advice from these students who plan ahead.

“My plan for spring break is to go to our vacation house in Branson, Missouri,” commented Sarah Hudman. She added,”We will say in Branson until Wednesday, and do all kinds of adventurous and fun things. Then, when we come home, we will go fishing at Lake Erling and also go mud riding.”

Keundre Norton said, “I plan to spend time with the family I really don’t see much.”

“My plans for spring break are to relax and spend time with my friends and family. I’m also going to explore the outside and ride my bike,” added De’Asia Walker.

Angel Harris said, “I’m going to Texas — me and my baby —  to spend time with my step-mom.” She added,” I’m also going shopping, and I might get a new phone.”

Lailah McDuffy replied, “This spring break I’m going to California to see the beaches. Culver City is the best place to shop and see things, and I’m also going to Venice beach to get on the ferris wheel on the beach and eat a lot of pizza, Ice Cream (only Cookie Dough), and more. I’ll be lying on the beach in the sunset. I will also be in the desert area looking at the moon and stars of the constellations. I love the West Coast, the water and food.”

Victor Moore said, “I’m planning on sleeping in and trying to find a job, because I really need one. Most people don’t try to enjoy life, but you have to because you only live once. Yu should have fun with the family and little brothers and sisters, because they make you smile even if they are bad, lol.”

Janie Barham mentioned,”I’m going to visit my grandparents in Mississippi, and when I come back home,I hope to get some work done on my stories I’m working on.”

Amya Reeves said she plans to go to Memphis to see her dad and old friends.

Kyah Bell answered, “My plan is to “chill,” eat, get my nails and toes done, go to the country, ride 4-wheelers, and just enjoy myself.”

“My grandma is having surgery in Little Rock,” commented Keyvonnie Nelson. “My brother and I are going to Benton to see her in the hospital whenever we can. During that time my aunt says she has a surprise for my brother and me, so I’m excited to start break to see what she has planned.”


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