Math students celebrate Pi Day

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Math students celebrate Pi Day

MHS students enjoying Pi Day.

MHS students enjoying Pi Day.

MHS students enjoying Pi Day.

MHS students enjoying Pi Day.

Sarah Nguyen and Chloe Garland

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Sophomore Allie Nix created a Pi Day poster.

On Mar. 14, also known as “Pi Day” (3.14), all math classes grades 10-12, except for AP Calculus, decided to take a break from their complicated formulas to come together for a day of fun and games.

Juniors Antonique Robertson and Bryce Wagner enjoy a hula hoop competition.

Mrs. Long, Mrs. Hurley, Mrs. Waters, Mrs. Ladner, and Mr. Lee all took part in putting together the event.

Mr. Lee, Mrs. Ladner, Mrs. Hurley and their students race to see who will be the first to win the Pi competition for 7th period.

Mr. Sanders coaches the other team, hoping for victory.

The students created their own game of basketball and a hoola hoop race.

They came up with creative activities involving pi.

Juniors Thomas Finney and Jason Salgada pose next to the game of “Guess how many balls are in the kiddie pool?”

Mr. Lee explains to students how to find out how many balls are in the kiddie pool.

Students gets artsy for these Pi day designs.

Students also enjoyed making beautiful artworks with the theme of pi.

MHS students enjoy a game of soccer/volleyball together.

Basketball player Tyler Brown enjoys a game of basketball with other students.

Basketball with a beach ball? Sounds like a great idea!

Junior Malik McBride falls out laughing.

Sophomore Rhiley Herring and senior Hunter Nash compete in a jump rope competition.

Although there are reportedly over 2.7 trillion digits in pi, Mrs. Long helped students make a color coded chain of the first few hundred numbers.

Hanging on the wall is a long paper chain of Pi that the MHS students created. Each link has another digit.

MHS students cooperate together to create the long strands of Pi.

When asked her opinion of this year’s Pi day, Mrs. Hurley, algebra teacher, said, “I think Pi day went really well! I feel like students enjoyed themselves; I know I did, and we’re already planning for next year.”

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