Singers attend All-State Clinic, Concert

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Singers attend All-State Clinic, Concert

Sarah Nguyen, Journalist

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Six All-Staters represent MHS.

All-State clinic is the highest achievement that an individual can achieve in his or her high school music career. To qualify for All-State, one must fight to be top 20 at All-Region, and hope to be at least in the top 50 at All-State auditions. Participants are surrounded with talented musicians and amazing conductors from famous universities. Just last weekend, six singers from the MHS choir program attended the All-State concert and clinic, and they report the experience was phenomenal. The event was in Hot Springs over three days beginning Feb. 16. The clinic for perfecting the choir was on the first two days, and the performance was held on that Saturday. When asked how he feels about his six accomplished students, Larry Dunn, MHS choir director, said, “I was very impressed with the students who earned the All-State placement. They have worked extremely hard preparing for auditions and were rewarded accordingly.”

” The All-State expereince was great. You had individuals there ready to work, which I love!” – Malik McBride, 1st year All-State.

” It was amazing! The friendships I made in previous years flourished, and I made more this year. It is a blessing to be able to sing and converse with people who love music just as much as I do.” – Dalicia Torrence, 3rd year All-State.

” It was extremely fun and also humbling to experience how many great musicians are in the state of Arkansas, but I was very exhausted and ready to come back to Magnolia after the concert.” – Geovanni Williams-Smith, 1st year All-State.

” It was an amazing experience! I feel so accomplished and humbled to have the opportunity to sing with the top singers in the state. This year I was moved to a higher voice part, and I am now a Soprano I. I believe I still would’ve made All-State being a Soprano ll, but I feel more confident now as a Soprano l more than ever. The change makes me push to my highest limits and goals, and I am always up for a challenge.” – Hannah Sullivan, 1st year All-State.

“It was a nice experience, though it was much different than I expected. There was, of course, a lot of work.; however, after the concert, it was clear that this was all worth it.” – Sullivan Stockwell, 1st year All-State.

“Well, it was a great experience! With this being my first year in choir, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be an Arkansas All Stater! ” – Jaleel Green, 1st year All State.

These students have represented the Magnolia Panthers in the best ways possible, and they have shown that through determination, anything can be possible.


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