MHS students celebrate Valentine’s Day

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MHS students celebrate Valentine’s Day

Sarah Nguyen, Journalist

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The cafeteria is bedazzled by the students of MHS.

The other side of the cafeteria is equally pretty.

Students enjoy their lunch with the decorations.

The cafeteria fills up with hungry students.

Students enjoyed their lunch in the cafeteria filled with lovely decorations.

These seniors said they loved the idea of the Valentine themed cafeteria.

On Valentine’s Day, the students and staff of MHS decided to make it a memorable day by decorating the cafeteria with lots of hearts and love. Decorating in February is an annual event; however, due to Valentine’s being on the weekend for the past two years, last year the decorations and theme changed to Mardi Gras. The clubs and classes that helped make this special event happen were National Honor Society English students with Mrs. Hamilton, internship students with Mrs. Moore, skills students with Mrs. Woofley, Mrs. Hurley’s first period math class, Mrs. Pittman’s first period Spanish class, Mrs. Hicks’s first period art students, and Mr. Lawrence’s social studies. The decorations were very special and they were prepared mostly by art students. When asked, Katherine Pletcher said, “Decorating the cafeteria really had an impact on everyone who walked in; I feel like it lifted the spirits of everyone in the lunchroom.” Many students enjoyed the decorations, and were grateful that the school had such a special theme for this very special day.

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