Thanksgiving is near!

Julia Ferguson, Journalist

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Thanksgiving Break is just one week away, from the 21st to the 25th of November! Students all around the campus cannot wait to go home and have a home-made Thanksgiving turkey dinner. To most people, Thanksgiving is a time of reunion, a time for family members and friends to get together and talk about events in their part of the neighborhood–in some cases, their part of the world! However, there are some people who just want to sleep in, mostly because they’re tired from the long work days, or maybe they’re just glad to be able to do absolutely nothing for once.

Of course, there is also a sad side to Thanksgiving: just like at Christmas, someone out there may not have a family or any friends to celebrate Thanksgiving with. They may not even have a Thanksgiving turkey to eat; or someone has a family, but his job is so demanding, that he may not even make it home in order to celebrate with his kids or wife or whomever he wants to celebrate with.

Let us not give up on these people. There may be such a person or people in your area, so here is a little challenge: when Thanksgiving comes around, let these people celebrate with you, because the Thanksgiving Spirit should not be any different than the Christmas Spirit: both holidays are times of giving as well as thanks. Everyone should be able to celebrate such a wonderful holiday.

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