MHS students seize the parade

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MHS students seize the parade

Sarah Nguyen, Journalist

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Team A cheerleaders beaming cheerfully as they sat on the Magnolia Fire Department during the Fair Parade. Top from Left to Right : Christian Mistretta, D’nasia Dunn, and Emma McWilliams Bottom from Left to Right : Bryce Wagner, Kaylee Jones, McKenzie Henderson, Makayla Harwell, Keonna Smith, Hannah Kaar, and Emily Ford.

Band members getting ready in Mac’s parking lot before marching in the parade.

Team A cheerleaders grinning from ears to ears under the hot sun. Top from Left to Right: Daizia Lee, Chloe Phillips, Taylor Antoon Bottom from Left to Right: Caitlin Neill, Kayanna Jones, Shaylyn Williams, Chontyria Dunn, and Gracie Watkins.

The Majorette twirlers practiced to perfect their routine before the march.

The Royalettes, a dance team from El Dorado, include 3 students from MHS , Teani Jackson (senior), Shakia Frazier (junior), and Antonique Robertson (junior) .

The cheerleaders fixes their postures as they get ready to wave at everyone while moving down on E Main St.

Color guards poses for a picture before getting ready to march. From Left to right: Magen Simmons, Megan Mitchell, Hannah Sullivan, Jada Martin, and Katherine Green.


The Rotary Club floats which included 2 of our MHS studennts, whom of which were Thomas Finney, and Jason Saldana.

Band members getting in position.

Colorguards posing with smiles under the humid sun. From left to right: Cameron Denler, Kaitlyn Disedare, Kristen Hardy, Makayla Harwell, and Shakalynn Briggs.

Brace yourself, it’s fair season. Instagram and Snapchat food pictures are coming. Beautiful floats, good music, and the unbearable heat – a typical fair parade in Magnolia. MHS students also participated in the parade. Sept. 12 included cheerleaders with big smiles, band members playing good music and spreading good vibes, and color guards members with their heads high, gloriously twirling their flags. Not only were there students in school activities, but there were also students marching with the Royalettes dance team, Kathy’s Dance, Operation Christmas Child, and the Rotary. Everyone was in high spirits and full of joy. When asked about how does he feel about the weather in the parade, Sullivan Stockwell answered, “It’s still very hot, but not as bad as last year..or so I think.” He said this while wiping off beads of sweat! Overall, the parade was quite fun, and everyone had a blast.

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